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Iranic Zoroastrian Mithraism is a new variety of the ancient Zoroastrian religion. We worship God as a trinity: Zurvan, Mazda and Mithra.

Iranic Zoroastrian Mithraism is a part of a wider project to create a diverse global religious movement under the banner of Zoroastrian Mithraism. We want to see the different sub-movements of Zoroastrian Mithraism working together and helping their followers create a better existence for the inhabitants of the planet.

However Iranic Zoroastrian Mithraism (or just 'Iranic Mithraism') is the most interested in the original religious traditions of the pre-Islamic Iranian peoples - best represented today by the scriptures and practices of the Zoroastrian religion.

Whatever their individual ethnic origin, Iranic Mithraists see themselves as 'Spiritual Iranics' - heirs to the spiritual, religious and wisdom traditions of the ancient Iranics or Iranians.

While Iranian religion is at the centre of Iranic Mithraism, Iranic Mithraists are also are interested in the pre-Islamic history and culture of Iran, including tales of the great Iranian Empires, and the mythology such as that recounted in the Shahnameh - the book of kings.

The Arab and Islamic invasion (and later Mongol invasion) were watershed moments in the history of Iran, yet the Iranian spirit and culture was not defeated by it, and Iranic Mithraists may have an interest in later aspects of Iranian culture such as Sufism or traditional Iranian music.