Back What is Iranic Zoroastrian Mithraism?

Iranic Zoroastrian Mithraism is a new religious movement, growing out of the traditional religion of Zoroastrianism.

We are people of all nations of the world, but we adopt a 'spiritual Iranian or Persian' identity because we believe that the Iranian culture, and especially its religious culture has something of great value.

(NB Iranians may prefer to talk about Iranian, Eranian or Aryan identity, but the word Persian is sometimes preferred in British and American English)

We are firstly interested in the teachings of Zarathustra and the scriptures and rituals associated with the traditional Zoroastrian religion. Secondly we are interested in Iranian polytheism and other non-Zoroastrian or unorthodox Zoroastrian Iranian traditions. Thirdly we are interested in Persian Sufism - which might perhaps be defined as being based on the Sufi scriptures written in the Persian language. We are also interested in other aspects of the culture and history of the Iranic peoples.

While open to people of varying religious opinions we promote a vision of God as a trinity: Zurvan, Mazda and Mithra. Zurvan is the source of Time and Space and upholds the laws of cause and effect. Mazda is the Wisdom Power that creates everything within the world with respect to the natural law. Mithra is the Good One, full of the holy spirit, who seeks always to promote the best existence for the living creatures and the world soul.

Mithra can appear in many guises to us, but usually in a human form, whether male or female, and either fully divine or as the angel or Fravashi of an individual person. We particularly see Mithra incarnated in part in the person of Zartus or Zarathustra, but we believe no living person can incarnate Mithra in his fullness and perfection.

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