Back Mithraic Triads

There are a number of different Triads or Trinities currently recognised by Mitravism. They each have their strengths and so we don't promote one Triad exclusively.

The Pagan trinity:
1) Mazda - the Heavenly Father
2) Anahita - the Earthly Mother
3) Mithra - the Good Child

The Chrestian trinity:
1) Mazda - the Wise Parent
2) Chrestus - the Good Child
3) Spentaman - the Benevolent Spirit

The Zoroastrian trinity:
1) Asha - Rightness
2) Ashura-Mazda - The right-seeking power that is pure Wisdom
3) Humanah - Good Mind


The Trigemmae or three jewels consists of three elements - Mithra, Mazda and Zartus.

These three elements are the most important in Zoroastrian Mithraism and help define it as a movement.

1) Mithra Chrestus is the Good God. Mithra always works for what is Good (the Bonum).

2) Mazda is the divine wisdom which produces the light (Lumen) that brings forth life.

3) Zartus is Zarathustra or Zoroaster - the religious philosopher, teacher and prophet who composed the hymns or mantra we call the Zartogathas.