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The Ameshaspenta (or Heptaspenta) are seven life-promoting beings or life-giving states of being:

They are:
  1. Spentamanus - life-promoting spirit or mental state (similar in meaning to Christian Holy Spirit). Also Spentaman.

  2. Humanah - Good Mind - this is the mind that naturally inclines to do what is right. The term implies an ability to understand situations well enough to be able to determine the best course of action. As Humanitas.

  3. Asha - Rightness or Truth (literally Best Joining) - a situation where different things come together in the best way, in particular where action taken is appropriate or a good fit for what is needed. Also Artia, Artista or Artavista.

  4. Huksatra - Good Rule - where power is exercised in the best way to bring about Good Order in the world. Similar to Eutaxis.

  5. Spentarmitas - piety, life-respecting attitude and behaviour, care. As Pietas.

  6. Harvertas - wholeness, integrity, health. Also Harverty.

  7. Amortas - non-dyingness - continued integrity, good-health and vitality through lack of causes of deviation (dreg) from this. Also Amorty.