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Paleoprophetes (or Heptaprophetes) - the Seven Ancient Prophets

The seven ancient prophets of Mitravism are:
  1. Zartus Rectus - Zarathustra the Righteous

  2. Socrates Soficus - Socrates the Wise

  3. Gautamus Bodicus - Gautama the Awakened

  4. Zeno Stoicus - Zeno the Stoic

  5. Apollonius Tyaneus - Apollonius of Tyana

  6. Marcion Sinopes - Marcion of Sinope

  7. Ammonius Saccas - Ammonius Saccas

These are seven prophets from ancient times which we especially revere. We accept that there have been other genuine prophets in the past and in more recent times.

Approximate dates of the prophets are:
  1. Zartus Rectus - 1001ME (1000BC) (maybe earlier or later)

  2. Socrates Soficus - 1530ME (470-399BC)

  3. Gautamus Bodicus - 1440ME (563-483 B.C.) (some give later date)

  4. Zeno Stoicus - 1700ME (started teaching: 301BC)

  5. Apollonius Tyaneus - 2001ME (1CE) approx.

  6. Marcion Sinopes - 2100ME (c.85-160CE)

  7. Ammonius Saccas - 2200ME (c.200-265CE)

Note that Gautama the Buddha either lived about the same time as Socrates or earlier. He is listed after Socrates because his influence didn't reach Europe until after the time of Socrates.

Note that the prophet Mani (216-276CE) was previously on this list, but has been replaced by Marcion.