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The Mitraruna are the 'secret' concepts of Mithraism - together forming the Mithraic Ideology.

On this page we introduce a handful of the most important.

Two 'suns': Solifons & Solivictor

SOLIFONS is the eternal unchanging source of energy in the universe. Our whole consciousness, all our feelings, emotions and experiences are animated by the light (LUMEN) emanating from the SOLIFONS.

The particular kind of feelings and experiences we have - the pattern of light we experience - is down to the contours of our soul (URVAN or psyche) which determine the frequency of vibration (just as a guitar string gives off a different note dependent on its length) - but the actual energy of the vibration (the musical note) is the LUMEN which comes from the ultimate Source - the SOLIFONS.

We know intellectually that the physical sun is always there whether we can see it or not, but this is not the sun we experience. We talk of the Sun rising and setting. During the day we say (at least in British idom) that the Sun comes out or goes in. At night there is no sun. This kind of sun - the sun of our experience - is the kind that really matters to us.

SOLIVICTOR - the Conquering Sun - is this second kind of sun.

SOLIVICTOR is not always present (at least not at full strength - just as there is still some sunlight when the storm clouds fill the sky so SOLIVICTOR is weakly present in the darkest of times if life still persists).

But where SOLIVICTOR is strong - where the Sun is coming out for us - then our lives are filled with light, with music, with joy, with radiant happiness (USHTA).

Two 'realms': Idealum & Gatum

The IDEALUM is the realm of Ideas - it is the abstract realm of shapes and patterns and of meaning. We also can call it the Divine realm - the realm where things are pure and perfect - where they are Ideal.

The GATUM is the realm of Life. It is the realm of time, energy and activity.It is where Spirit and Matter interact. It is messy and imperfect.

Now while Life (BIOS) can only exist in the GATUM - the Mind (MENTUS) has a yearning for the IDEALUM where it feels it really belongs.

To satisfy this yearning Mind seeks to shape the GATUM into the likeness of the IDEALUM.

Indeed this is the continual project of Life - to strive to order the World to make it feel like Heaven.

December 4016