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The Mitraruna are the essential thought-concepts of Mithraism.

NB There is no definitive compilation of these, but we list a few of them here which are not mentioned elsewhere.


Holum is the Whole or World.

Holum is the whole of active existence viewed as one entity.

The limits of Holum are the limits of activity. A feature of Holum is that the different parts of Holum have connection to each other and influence or can potentially influence each other.

Bonum & Malum

Bonum is The Good.

Malum is The Bad

Dreg, Dregor, Angramanus

Dreg is Deviation from what is good, true and right.

Dregor (or Dreggor in English) is the being that causes Dreg or Deviation. Dreggor is the Devil and the negative counterpart to the Ashura.

Angramanus (or Angraman in English) is the mental spirit associated with unrighteous action. Angraman is the negative counterpart to Spentaman.

NB Angraman only has power when infecting the mind of a person, whereas Dreggor has independent intelligence and power with respect to any particular person. (i.e. being a good-thinking person is incompatible with being infected with Angraman, but it doesn't make one immune to attacks by Dreggor). Of course Dreggor, like most activity in the world, ultimately depends on working through human minds for its power.


Ratus is the universal righteous guide - what connects us to Ashura and knowledge of Vaius.

Ratus has many forms of which one is Mitra.


Vaius is the motivating power in the world.

Vaius is the stimulator of everything that happens whether good or bad. Vaius is the force that causes movement and activity. Vaius is the Wind that blows through the world moving its parts and creating its character.

Vaius is a cause of momentum, and thus the cause of change in momentum of that which is currently in existence.

Vaius can be likened to the 'wind-god' for Vaius is like the being that blows and cause the winds (Vata) of world-activity.

Vaius can take the epithet Omnipater or All-Father for everything is generated by Vaius.


Solivictor is the Conquering Sun or the worldly counterpart of the Solifons (also Solara) - the unchanging source of Divine Light.

The Solivictor is a being that acts in the world to make the presence of the Solara felt.

Mitravox Aetatis is the voice of the Mitror in the current age.


Zurvan is the ultimate foundation of our world of Space and Time.

Zurvan is the ultimate creator and sustainer of the world we live in. However Zurvan allows the life of the world a freedom to act and to take the consequences of their actions whether good or bad without interfering.

Zurvan is usually regarded as morally neutral as Zurvan enables both the joys and pleasures of life and its pain and distress.