Back The Twelve Arkons


The Arkons are the divine rulers.

It is customary to single out a list of twelve arkons. This is not a fixed list in Mitravism but the following is an example:

  1. Arkon of Health & Disease

  2. Arkon of Mystification and Clarification

  3. Arkon of Sociality

  4. Arkon of Wealth & Money

  5. Arkon of incentive and disincentive

  6. Arkon of developmental experience

  7. Arkon of Announcement

  8. Arkon of the physical environment

  9. Arkon of remembering and forgetting

  10. Arkon of wisdom and culture

  11. Arkon of care and neglect

  12. Arkon of (human) governance

May Mithra guide the Arkons and not Satan!