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Mitravian Festivals

Nowrooz - 21st March
- spring equinox
- beginning of spring

Zartokana -26 March
- day of Zarathustra
- celebrate wisdom and enlightenment

Maidyozarem (mid-spring) - may 1st
- ?fertility, prosperity, charity, social justice
- Robinus - a male figure of re-distribution of wealth
- maybe also a female spirit / may queen

Tishtrya Kana - 21st June
- water festival
- celebration of defeat of drought by life-giving rain
- ?celebrate physical strength and prowess

Mithrakana - 21st September
- Festival of Mithra
- Harvest Festival

Festus Mortuorum - November 1st
- Feast of the Dead
- "All Souls Day"
- celebrate the spirits of the departed
- invite them to feast with you

Atarkana - November 5th
- Fire Festival
- celebration of freedom
- story of the blacksmith Kavey, the good prince Freydon and the white wizard Albomagus in overcoming the evil tyrant Azidak

Yalda - 21st dec to 1st jan (12 days)
after nightfall on 21st dec - death of Mithra
followed by three days of fasting until
after nightfall on 24th dec - 'Mithraic Breakfast' (in English language at least) expectation of rebirth celebration
25th december (after sunrise) - birth of Mithra
- called ZAYESH MEHR or ZAYSHMIR by Iranians

Not officially part of the religion but we may also celebrate:
Cyrus Day - 29th October

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