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Three kinds of Mithraism

We can distinguish at least three kinds of Mithraism:


Ethnic Mithraism sees Mithra as the champion of society, of good relations within the society and defender of the well-being of the society against anything that would undermine it.

The word Ethnic derives from the Greek word Ethnos - meaning a people or nation. The English word Heathen is also considered to be derived in part from a non-standard form of the Greek word.

Ethnic Mithraism is a popular kind of Mithraism - one dealing directly with people's everyday needs and strengthening the community they belong to.


Krestic Mithraism sees Mithra as the champion of the Good against the forces of Evil.

The word Krestic derives from the Greek word Khrehstos which means good or useful.

Krestic Mithraism encourages people to see the world as a battleground of Good and Evil and to be active supporters of the Good powers.


Humanic Mithraism sees Mithra as the intermediary between the individual person and the Reality of Existence - our guide on the path of wisdom.

The word Humanic derives from the Persian Humanah or Good Mind.

Humanic Mithraism encourages people to develop their mind so that they are better orientated to reality - so that their understandings and their emotional dispositions are true to the world they live in.

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