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MITRAVIAN RUNA - Asha and Dreg

ASHA means Rightness, Truth, Righteousness or Good Order. Where one thing relates to another thing in the most productive way we have a state of ASHA which we can also call ARTISTA ('best joined').

Sometimes ASHA is obvious to us as a happening which is the immediate cause of happiness - perhaps receiving a gift that has long been wished for, or a cheerful social gathering where everybody is getting on with everybody else.

Other times ASHA may be less visible - these are all the things that need to 'go right' in the background for a good life to be achieved. Perhaps for our happy social gathering it was necessary for the hosts to obtain food and drink - which depended on them being able to find a shopkeeper happy to provide it which depended ultimately on everything 'going right' when the food was grown and prepared.

DREG means Deviation, Lie, Wrongfulness, Bad Order. Where the connections between things or people deviate from what would be the best then we have DREG which is thus an absence or falling away from ASHA.

Now whether we get ASHA or DREG is not a random thing but is a result of particular causes. In our attempt to grasp these causes we use the word ASHURA to represent all the causes of ASHA and DREGGOR to represent all the causes of DREG.

ASHURA and DREGGOR are two processes, activities, movements or in a way 'beings'. As we believe that most of the causes of everything begin in the Mind, so also are ASHURA and DREGGOR largely (or perhaps entirely depending on definitions) creatures of Mind.

The ASHURA is associated with SPENTAMAN which is the mental spirit which is life-valuing and seeks to produce the the conditions for life to flourish. The DREGGOR or 'the Devil' is associated with ANGRAMAN - the mental spirit which tends to be hostile to life.

However in Mitravism we recognise that the issue of Good and Evil and the nature of ASHURA and DREGGOR is a complex matter which we can't fully explain here.

Marcus Zartianus
October 4016 ME