Back Basics of Mitravism

What do I see as the basics of Mitravism at the moment?

1. We believe the most important distinction in life is that between Good and Bad/Evil. ( Bonum and Malum)

2. "Ad Bonum Tendimus" - "We strive towards the Good".

Mitravism is a project to strive towards the Good in all its aspects: -In our own good character , good thinking, good behaviour and also in the wider good society and good culture and good rule.
Considering both Good Ends (such as Ushta/Happiness) and Good Means which ultimately contribute to the Good Ends.

3. The Zartogathas (Songs of Zarathustra) are our primary sacred text which assert so insistently the importance of the distinction of Good and Bad and how we might start to understand the causes of each and work for the Good ourselves.

4. The Tridoctores or three most important teachers for Mitravists are: Zarathustra, Plotinus and Nietzsche

We also venerate the Paleoprophetes or Seven Ancient Prophets who can help lead us to wisdom.

5. The Primary Trinity we recognise is 'Zurvan, Ashura, Mitror'

i) Zurvan is the 'god of existence' - the power or cause behind existence who may be regarded as good, neutral or bad but cannot be ignored. Zurvan created Space and Time and the laws of existence which provide the setting for Life to manifest itself. Zurvan continuously implements the laws of cause and effect according to strict rules which we can learn and seek to gain the best from. Zurvan can cause us the greatest joy or the direst pain according to the rules, but Zurvan has no sympathy for the powerless or stupid and may inflict the worst on them.

ii) Ashura is the power or being that brings about Asha or Rightness and Good Order in the world. Ashura is a being in the world and thus lives according to the rules that Zurvan lays down. Ashura we regard as the primary Good Being, Ashura is a being that we can help bring into life by our actions.

iii) Mitror is a 'son of Ashura' - i.e. a part of the Ashura that is involved in shaping human hearts and minds so that they might work to strengthen and expand the reach of the Ashura to bring about the Good Existence.

Mitror is regarded as an impersonal (or at least not typically human) being but has two angels Mithras and Mithrana which take human form and speak to people in a way they can understand to encourage them to better activity in the cause of the Good.

6. We also recognise many other Runa or concepts that help us to relate to Existence. Of particular usefulness is the distinction between Idealum and Gatum:
-Idealum is the realm of ideas, the ideal realm, the heavenly realm
- Gatum is the realm of life, of matter and soul and activity.

- Mentus or Mind lives in the Gatum but is able to apprehend the Idealum and seek to shape the Gatum into the likeness of the Idealum

7. Mithras (and Mithrana) are able to speak to anybody to help them towards the Good. However they have a long history, and thus the most practice at speaking with those of what we might call Irano-European ethnocultural identity. This means that they can do a better job of helping those with such an identity, than those who do not. Nevertheless the nature of Mithras changes over time as He acts in the world and so His meaning to the world is not a constant.

Marcus Zartianus, 4th January 4017 ME