Back The Beneficent Trinity

I'm a bit obsessed with the idea that there should be a Mithraic Trinity (or trinities). Apart from the obvious model of the Christian trinity, the pagans liked to have their gods in threes, so I think Mitravism hould do the same.

I've tried dozens of combinations - the last one was 'Zurvan - Ashura - Mitror' . Before that it was 'Mitra - Mazda - Zartus'. So I've got little hope this latest one will stick - but here goes anyway:

It's called the 'Beneficent Trinity' because it is made up of three persons who create the Good. (Latin bene-facio):

Ashura - Krestus - Mitror

1. Ashura is the overall power which works for Rightness and Good Order, and is the creator and sustainer of everything whole and healthy.

2. Krestus is the human component of the Ashura. Krestus arises when humans are consciously striving for the Good.

3. Mitror is the 'Binder' or 'Connector' (from root mi- =bind) and is the being who who connects a person to the true nature of existence. Mitror brings a person to full conformity with reality in their thinking, character, attitudes, values and behaviour so that they are best able to work for the Good - for Ushta (Happiness), for Asha (Rightness), for Spentarmity (Piety = Good Values & Ethics), for Huksatra (Good Rule), for Harverty (health and wholeness) and for Ushta (Happiness).

Mitror also has a secondary meaning of one who binds people to each other in friendship and mutual trust.

January 4017