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The Krestotria or Krestic Triad consists of three elements - Ashura, Krestus and Ratus.


Ashura is the righteous lord - the cosmic right-governing power.

Ashura causes things to move in accordance with the Artus or Natural Law so that world approaches a state of Artia or Asha (Rightness) and the greatest benefit is achieved and life flourishes (Thalia or Biothalia).

Ashura is co-occurent with Mazda - i.e. wherever exists the right-governing power also exists the cosmic wisdom which guides it.


Krestus is the human good power - i.e. that part of the Ashura which is caused by deliberate human action in search of the Good.


Ratus is the guiding power - what causes us to align ourselves with Ashura and Krestus.

Ratus connects us to reality as individuals, and also connects different people together in solidarity.

Ratus is the power that acts upon us as human beings to change us so that we become harmonized with the Ashura and thus humane and effective agents of influence in the world.

It is Ratus which can transform us so that we become more understanding, more attuned to reality, more dedicated to work for what is right.

It is Ratus who helps us to connect with each other, become more understanding and trusting of each other, more able to collaborate with and support each other.

Ratus is not really like a human person, but Ratus can appear to us in the guise of a person so that we can grasp its nature better.

We can distinguish between Ratus as a name for the Universal Spiritual Guide, and Mitraratus (Mithra Ratus) who is one particular guide with a specific nature and history in the world. Thus whether Mitraratus helps any person depends on whether that person chooses to engage with Him.


Mithra is the god who represents for us the Ashura, Krestus and Ratus.

In one sense Mithra IS the Ashura, but in another sense there is a difference for the Ashura is more purely divine and unportrayable in human terms whereas Mithra is closer to our human world and thus easier for us to make sense of and relate to.

Krestus and Ratus are two aspects of the Ashura and thus Mithra also IS Krestus and Ratus from the point of view of those who worship Him.

Mithra is often portrayed as a human and can be either male or female. Sometimes this is distinguished by using the names Mithras and Mithrana respectively.

Doctrine of co-occurence of Solivictor, Ashura & Mazda

  • Solivictor is the Conquering Sun - the bringer of energy, light and good vibration to the world.

  • Ashura means the Righteous Power or Righteous Governor which sets the world into Good Order.

  • Mazda means Wisdom. Mazda is Active Wisdom or Wisdom alive in the world - the intelligence behind the Ashura.

We believe that these three are co-occurent - i.e. they always occur together.