Back Personalities of Mithra


Mithras is the masculine aspect of Mithra.

Mithras can be described in terms of seven personalities that he can take up:

  • Mithras Ratus - Mithras the Guide, who teaches us what we should do, and dissuades us from wrong action.

  • Mithras Ligator - Mithras the Connector - especially of people one to another. Mitras Ligator brings people together in friendship for mutual support, to create families, to create community life and also works to enable those less familiar with each other to work together in mutual trust and understanding.

  • Mithras Pugnator - Mithras the Fighter who struggles for what is right against opposing powers.

  • Mithras Laborator - Mithras the Worker who toils away day after day to maintain the good order.

  • Mithras Faber - Mithras the Craftsman who creates new things in the world.

  • Mithras Imperator - Mithras the Emperor who governs righteously with justice and in support of the common flourishing.

  • Mithras Krestus - Mithras the Good who serves the needs of others, especially those in particular difficulty.


Mithrana is the female aspect of Mithra and is sometimes described as having three personalities:

  • Mithrana Fluvia - Mithrana the Flowing who provides us with water to quench our thirst and milk to quench our hunger, who bathes us in life-giving energies, and who washes away our impurities, our troubles and ill-health.

  • Mithrana Defensor - Mithrana the Protector who shelters and protects us from harm.

  • Mithrana Sofica - Mithrana the Wise who works to attune us to Sophia-Mazda - the cosmic Wisdom.