Back Trinity and 12 Arkons


A proposed Mithraic Trinity is ARKUS, MAZDA and MITHRA KRESTUS.

ARKUS - the ruler - is the source of reality as it happens whether good or bad . ARKUS has 2 aspects : ARKUS ZURVANUS who created and maintained the underlying substrate of space and time that our world is embedded in, and ARKUS GATI who rules the activity of the world and is open to influence from our actions.

MAZDA - wisdom - is the source of what produces life. MAZDA CELESTIA is the eternal celestial wisdom, while MAZDA GATI is wisdom embodied in the world of time. Mazda Celestia is symbolised by the Sun for it is the cause of the production of light out of reach of human action. Mazda Gati is symbolised by Fire for it produces light here on Earth.

MITHRA KRESTUS - Mithra the Good - is the being that struggles to bring what is good to the world. Mithra looks to Mazda Celestia for inspiration but it is Arkus that Mithra seeks to influence for ultimately it is Arkus who decides whether life will be good or bad for the Soul of the Living World.


Mithraists arev encouraged to recognise 12 Arkons or 12 aspects of Arkus - the Demiurge. Each Arkon rules a specific domain and may rule well or badly.

The following list should just be taken as an example and other Mithraists may have a different list. Whatever the nature of the list ideally all aspects of life would come in the domain of at least one of the Arkons there:

1) Arkon of Health & Disease

2) Arkon of Mystification and Clarification

3) Arkon of Sociality

4) Arkon of Wealth & Money

5) Arkon of incentive and disincentive

6) Arkon of developmental experience

7) Arkon of Announcement

8) Arkon of the physical environment

9) Arkon of remembering and forgetting

10) Arkon of wisdom and culture

11) Arkon of care and neglect

12) Arkon of (human) governance

May Mithra guide the Arkons and not Satan!