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Introducing the Mazdan Religion

“The Newest Oldest Religion in the World”

The Good Religion

The Good Religion is dawning once more in a world in need. You can experience a new day in the spirit with the realization of wisdom in your life and remembering who you really are. The Good Religion stems from an ancient source, a source which fed all of the so-called great religions of history.

This source has been hidden from most, yet has lived in the open, unseen. Now is the time to open your eyes and receive the light of the world. Its beliefs may seem familiar, but its story is mysterious, because a return to the hidden source of anything will always give that feeling which welds together surprising insight and familiar comfort.

The Good Religion teaches that there is only one God, called by the name Wise Lord—who is pure focused consciousness. This is the true God, beyond all characteristics of anger, fear, or jealousy.

We do not fear this God, who is a friend and comrade of all humanity, who wants you to be happy, strong and wise; prosperous, secure and intelligent. Beyond this, the Wise Lord loves and respects humanity so much that mankind is taken into the Lord’s confidence and made a co-worker and comrade in the great and divine project: the perfection of the individual and of the world.

At the time of the origin of the universe, dark shadows appeared—filled with lack, weakness and ignorance. Within these crevices were bred entities that rose to challenge the divine order. The Wise Lord, all-seeing in wisdom, knew of this and created Seven Creations: Sky, Water, Earth, Plants, Cattle, Man and Fire to oppose the forces and patterns of evil. Evil is characterized by deficiency and excess—in a word: imbalance. This force infected all of the Creations and introduced the Lie.

Examples of the Lie are claims such as that the spirit is mortal, that humans were created by a violent and vengeful god, and that wisdom and knowledge should be shunned in favor of blind obedience.

Of the Seven Creations, the most important is Man. Only humanity living in the midst of the world can act as a creative partner with God. Man is charged with the task of helping to guard and develop the other six Creations—as well as himself.

Humanity was created when God called for volunteers from among the spiritual beings (fravashis) in heaven to become materialized on Earth in order to assist God in the forthcoming battle against the Lie. The angelic beings all volunteered to become men and women. Therefore all men and women living in the world today are here through an original choice for the Good, although through infection by the Lie they have largely forgotten their true heritage. Remembrance of the Truth is one of our greatest needs.

The individual human being engages in the war on evil by practicing a three-fold path of humata–hukhta–hwarshta: Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds.

All humans are naturally born as Mazdans. People do not “convert” to the Good Religion so much as they Remember their spiritual identities and revert back to the Mazdan Way.

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